“TL” Series Tunnelite Tube Lite

The best performing, easiest to install tubular skylight and a great price! The square (13.5 X 13.5) tube yields superior light penetration. It is equal to nearly a 16″ round tube. The double wall tube is easy to trim and non conductive. The interior of the tube has a chrome like reflective surface. The ceiling bezel frame is soft white and supports a double glaze (insulated and diffused) light panel. All of our competitors have only a single glaze panel. The standard skylight is of diffused/clear polycarbonate. ┬áIt is flush mounted and very low profile. We offer an upgrade skylight, the DGS top. The primary purpose is the aesthetics. It is also low profile but has a dark bronze aluminum trim ring. The mechanical advantages are larger mounting flanges with better water control and thicker gauge glazing for greater impact resistance.TLSeries

*Kit without tube is specified when ordering either the 72″ or 96″ long tube

Part #/SizeDescription
TL-1313-F3-0‘F3’ Style Skylight-Complete Kit- less tube
TL-1313-DGS-0‘DGS’ Style Skylight-Complete Kit-less? tube
TL-1313-F3-24‘F3″ Style Skylight-Complete Kit- with 24″ tube
TL-1313-DGS-24‘DGS’ Style Skylight-Complete Kit-with? 24″ tube
TL-1313-F3-48‘F3’ Style Skylight-Complete Kit-with 48″ tube
TL-1313-DGS-48‘DGS’ Style Skylight-Complete Kit-with 48″ tube
Part #/SizeDescription
LT-1313-2424″ long tube
LT-1313-4848″ long tube
LT-1313-7272″ long tube
LT-1313-9696″ long tube – The longest single tube length
When 72″ or 96″ lengths are desired specify kits TL-1313–F3-0, or LT-1313-DGS-0, for 24″ or 48″ lengths order the kits with the tubes included. The 24″ or 48″ tubes are for runs that will exceed 72″ or 96″. In that application the tubes will be spliced per our instructions.

Special Ceiling Glazing – We offer true leaded glass bottom glazes for the bottom glaze on the ceiling fixture. These are special order at extra cost. Since they are hand done additional lead times are necessary. The lead glass does reduce light quantity in the room.