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Get premium plastic forming from the trusted brand, Fox Lite Inc., in Fairborn, OH. Lighten your space at home or the office.

Plastic forming takes center stage for many manufactured products, like high-appearance parts, transparent parts, and lots more. Fox Lite Inc is a leading skylight manufacturer in Fairborn, Ohio. We opened our doors in 1975 and established a stellar reputation for manufacturing canopies for sport aircraft.

Fox Lite Inc’s earlier works can also be seen in the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of the Air Force. With such a reputable foundation, the company supplies customers with only the best thermoformed plastic products, high-tech skylights, and polycarbonate sheet.

If You Can Dream or Imagine It, We Can Make It Real

We appreciate creativity and help enhance your creative imagination for any design you want to bring into existence. We provide design, tooling and production services for your thermoformed parts needs.

Superior-Quality Workmanship Is at the Core of Our Business

We believe in delivering quality workmanship in all the projects we undertake. We manufacture polycarbonate sheet and thermoform transparent and high appearance parts.

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Our Teams Are Highly Skilled and Experienced

As one of country’s leading skylight manufacturers, we go the distance to deliver excellence designed to suit your needs. Our experienced team is committed to providing excellence in all our services.

We Have Advanced Technology Solutions

Our CNC routers and lasers can cut plastic parts with precision and accuracy.. We supply design plans, custom tooling, and production services to serve your needs.

Reliable Customer Service

At Fox Lite Inc, we strive to furnish a pleasant customer experience at every turn. Whether we’re interacting with existing customers or working with new clients, our goal remains the same.

We offer customer service at its finest. Our crew of informed professionals will help guide you throughout the process, from start to finish.

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The joy of our customers is our pride, and we are dedicated to delivering our services and products on time at the most affordable prices and without compromising quality.

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We are excited about assisting you with top-of-the-range plastic skylights for your premises or custom formed parts for your business.

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