Curb mount skylight

Curb mount skylights are easy and quick to install. They mount on a curb, very much like a bottle cap fits on a bottle. We offer them is two styles, the CE and the CD. They are identical products and differ only in shape. The CE is shaped like and emerald cut gemstone while the CD is a smooth dome. Both are one piece seamless construction made from unbreakable polycarbonate. Both provide a reliable waterproof installation when installed in accordance with our instructions. Light smoke tint outer glaze is standard. These skylights have been proven over 15 years in thousands of installations. Fox curb mount skylights do not leak and carry a limited life time warranty.

Curb Skylight

CD pictured
CE’s and CD’s are available in the following sizes: 1616, 1624, 1632, 1648, 2424, 2432, 2448, 3232, 3248, 4848 and 4872.